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Sanna Koritz

Business strategy coach

25+ years experience

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I’m a business strategy coach by profession and dreamer-doer by nature. 

I believe that you are here with a purpose – my mission is to help you share your unique gifts with the world in a way that works for you.

My concept of sustainable success is based on the idea that business should be profitable (obviously) – but also balanced and fun! 

I know that there’s a way for you to make money, take care of yourself and nurture your creativity – all at once – and I can’t wait to teach you how!

Welcome to my teaching space!

Reviews from Happy Clients


Pontus Rosberg

Karma Coffee, Sweden

“The support that I got from Sanna helped me formulate a clear strategy to realize my company’s sales and communication goals. Sanna was very valuable both as a coach and as someone to bounce ideas with. She grasps the essence of a problem without minimizing it, and she has the ability to identify clear solutions. She works with sales and strategy in a goal-oriented and engaging way, with lots of passion.”


Biljana Vukcevic


“Sanna is a very experienced business developer who has the ability to transfer her knowledge to others. Her clear input gave me brilliant ideas for new products that I’ve already started to implement.”


Janine Laag

Photographer, Lumeah Personal Brand Photography, Sweden

“Thank you again for today’s session, Sanna. I have to tell you that I always end up kind of skipping around the house after our sessions. You just give me so much clarity and you have a way of getting me excited about things that had become overwhelming and unnecessarily complicated. You just have a way of making people feel good. Thank you!”

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